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Thursday, 27 June 2013


(Questions 1 -----12) (Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives)
Identify the right answer among the four choices).
1.(a) Either the manager or his assistants failed in their duty
(b) Either the manager his assistants faile nor in their duty
(c ) Either the manager or his assistants failed in his duty
(d) Either the manager nor his assistant failed in their now

2.(a)He used to visit us every week but he is rarely coming duty
 (b)He used to visit us every week but he is rarely comes now
 (c )He used to visit us every week by he has rarely come now
 (d)He used to visit us every week but he has been rarely coming now

3.The Police arrested him. Change the voice
(a)The Police have arrested him.
(b) He is being arrested by Police.
(c )He was arrested by the Police
(d)He has been arrested by the Police.
4.Hedge Hog is the name of:
(b) City
(d) Planet
5.Most of the letters in the English alphabet come from:
(b) Italian
(c) Hebrew
(d) Roman
6.The Albatross is an important character in the poem of:
(a)William Words worth
(b) Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(c) Shelley
(d) Byron
7.A Marsupial is a mammel which has:
(a) Pouch
(c) Camou flage
(d) Poisonous tooth
8.‘A stitch in the time saves nine’ means:
(a) Do the stitching on your own
(b)Atimely act will prevent further trouble
(c) Nine can be saved if you stitch properly
(d) None of these
9.Zip code means:
(a) System of control traffic
(b) System of fix rates for items
(c) System to simplify mail sorting
(d) None of these
10.Effluent means:
(a) Liquid waste
(b) Halo effect
(d) Flattery

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